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Privacy Policy

We provide financial infrastructure for the internet. Individuals and businesses of all sizes use our technology and services to facilitate purchases, accept payments, send payouts, and manage online businesses.

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes the Personal Data we collect, how we use and share it, along with details on how you can reach out to us with privacy-related inquiries. Additionally, the Policy outlines your rights as a data subject and choices you have, including the right to object to certain usages of your Personal Data by us. For further information about our privacy practices, including our Supplemental U.S. Notice, please refer to our Privacy Center.

In this Policy, “Stripe”, “we”, “our,” or “us” refers to the Stripe entity responsible for the collection, use, and handling of Personal Data as described in this document. Depending on your jurisdiction, the specific Stripe entity accountable for your Personal Data might vary. Learn More.

“Personal Data” refers to any information associated with an identified or identifiable individual, which can include data that you provide to us, and we collect about you during your interaction with our Services (such as device information, IP address, etc.).

“Services” refer to the products and services provided by Stripe under the Stripe Services Agreement and the Stripe Consumer Terms of Service. This may include devices and applications provided by Stripe. Our “Business Services” are services that we provide to entities (“Business Users”) that directly and indirectly provide us with “End Customer” Personal Data in connection with their own business operations and activities. Our “End User Services” are those that Stripe provides directly to individuals for their personal use. “Sites” refer to,, and other Stripe websites, apps, and online services. Collectively, we refer to Sites, Business Services, and End User Services as “Services.”

“Financial Partners” are financial institutions, banks, and other partners such as payment method acquirers, payout providers, and card networks that we partner with to provide the Services.

Depending on the context, “you” might be an End Customer, End User, Representative, or Visitor:

  • When you use an End User Service for personal use, such as signing up for Link, we refer to you as an “End User.”

  • When you do business with, or otherwise engage in a transaction with a Business User, such as buying a pair of shoes from a Business User using Stripe Checkout for payment processing, but are not directly transacting with Stripe, we refer to you as an “End Customer.”

  • When you are acting on behalf of an existing or potential Business User—perhaps as a company founder, account administrator for a Business User, or a recipient of an employee credit card from a Business User via Stripe Issuing—we categorize you as a “Representative.”

  • When you interact with Stripe by visiting a Site without being logged into a Stripe account, or when your interaction with Stripe does not involve you being an End User, End Customer, or Representative, you are considered a “Visitor.” For example, you are a Visitor when you send a message to Stripe asking for more information about our Services.

In this Policy, “Transaction Data” refers to data collected and used by Stripe to facilitate transactions you request. Some Transaction Data is Personal Data and may include: your name, email address, contact number, billing and shipping address, payment method information (like credit or debit card number, bank account details, or payment card image chosen by you), merchant and location details, amount and date of purchase, and in some instances, information about what was purchased.

Depending on the activity, Stripe assumes the role of a “data controller” and/or “data processor” (or “service provider”) based on the activity. 

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